Wednesday, January 6, 2010


*gimme 5 .

I hacked his account .

*wink wink .

Superwoman's here to save his blog !


Thanks me ?



Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

chao .

Signing off ,
sexy .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Life get bored easily when you know you really out in effort but you just can't get back what have you paid so much for it. Managed to start studying today, but a call to mc dee broke everything. Having lunch here with chze zheng and my lovely laptop.

Sometimes we wouldn't ever know what have we done so long since we came to this world. When I was viewing back all the photos that stored in my pendrive for don't know how many thousand years, my memory blinked back with the sound of the mouse clicks. Lot of photos taken since I bought my very 1st digital camera, the moment we hang out together, the moment we joke and crap around with the best S4, wasting time with the serdang gang and all that. Tears rolling when i thought about my high school life gonna ends soon, regretted so much for not appreciatting my high school life while I can and ponteng always, and now I'm officially out from the school in 2 or 3 weeks time. Time flies faster than I thought.

This sze en, we getting closed this year and she is one of my best friend in class that I can bully and crapping around. But I love you also lar~

The serdang gang that not really complete in this picture (taken in jaysze's house during chinese new year). But anyway, althought ie never spoke it out and like never cared about you all. I really love you all 1. You guys were the one that i can find when we looking for people that can hang out with in serdang, sharing our sweet sour together.

Mun keat's brotherThis yaw. =.= I was taller than him one, but somehow he grows taller than me now already. See, this shows time flies really fast. I'm already in aging mode.

K lar, gtg soon~ Chze zheng rushing to 100yen house to eat ice-cream.


Saturday, October 10, 2009


Kinda sien when you suddenly got the mood to upload tonnes of pictures but it's uploading speed is fcuking damn slow. Started uploading Yoong's party pictures at 10 and now it's 1 already, still haven't finished uploading yet. I admit that it's quite alot lar, it's like 130-150 like that. I really thought my connection speed was really fast 1 (maybe it's the facebook web problem?).

My daddy doesn't own any petrol stations as you guys thought. I think I can be categorize my elf as a PJ kaki already. Been driving every each day from serdang to PJ to KL like the earth is not polluted enough. Who ask you to sent your handsome son to catholic high which is almost 20++km from serdang? It's not my fault getting all my friends in PJ but not the ulu serdang lor, right? By the way, I must thank my daddy for allowing me to drive there like 8 times in a week? I really love you~

My days after trials are like after SPM like that except I still attending the tuition classes at kasturi. For your guys' information, went to cinema then only i found out that there is only 2 movies left that i haven't watch on the list. I have even watched all the animations which is not really suits me, you guys know how lifeless am I already? Went to watch A PERFECT GETAWAY with hweeling and winern ytd, it was a nice show till I almost fell asleep at the beginning of the movie and till now i don't really get why he did all the killing?

Last saturday was Yoong's birthday party at Shen's house. The guys were crazy, shen's pretty house was like kena boomed by the bomb made with chocolate cake and beer. Had a great day with em. Took lot of photos but i couldn't uploaded it onto the facebook due to some technical problems, so I have to upload 5 pictures each time for at least 25times to finish uploading it. Visit my facebook profile if you guys wanted the pictures.

By the way,
Love you always so as her.

It's time to finish the 25 task questions that required for the game on Monday. See yea~


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yesterday was mid autumm festival a.k.a mooncake festivel. Nothing special about it, but yesterday was actually the first time I celebrated this festival.
I was supposed to study for my bio paper, but sometimes quite sien 1 after dating with the book for 1 month ++ ? So decided to drag some one to watch SORORITY ROW. And guess what? I can only find 1 to watch with me, and she is so easily influenced, other say study then really study 1. But this 1 hor, no need to beg 1~

Xuan, Me

eh, wanna watch movie later? then we go meet with them after movie.

monday bio paper a, need to study lar.

really don't want a? Long time didn't watch movie already wor. then never mind lar~

eh eh eh, watch what movie?

don't know, haven't decide yet (sorry, scared you don't want to watch, so never told you it's actually sorority row. :-p)

erm, kay lar kay lar, come faster damn hungry already, we go bak kut teh!!

OCM, seriously. I found this at One Utama there. I don;t usually give people present for no reason 1 a. But it actually suits you best.

We are watching thriller, but she acted like watching horror movie like that. She paid RM11 for it, but only watched RM3 i think. =.= next time don't want find you jor, find someone that knows enjoy thriller.

We went to LALA CHONG at a damn ulu place for our dinner with xuan's tuitionmates. I know them for about 1 month only I think on hwee ling's birthday, but I seriously like them a lot lar. They never failed to make you laugh and you will definitely get stomach cramp hanging out with them. After the dinner we went to the park near hweeling's housing area, playing candles, chatting, and guys stupid fighting, camwhoring the whole night. I really had a great day with them. Thanks guys~

Words of the day

Winern : eh, what place is this? so ULU 1?

Sheng Hui : You can only get nice foods from neither ULU nor DIRTY places. Choose 1.

Winern : @.@" *stunned**


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boooo !


hohoho ;)


Peepee miang & Lalaki miang


Banyak miang .

So sweeeet-nya .

hahahahahaahahahahhaha .


One more time ,


Shhhhhhhh ~

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

Ohmygod ,

I can pass my add math with flying colours man !

Signing off ,
Cutie Pie .

Thursday, September 17, 2009


so, here i present my crab having his lunch. Nothing special but the fish. That fish can stay alive with it's head left only. ENJOY!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009